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Parry Welch & Lacey are amazing solicitors open to anyone needing legal representation. Their help and advice is very honest and accurate and we simply would not use anyone else.

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Road Traffic Law

Prosecution for a motoring offence is frightening prospect that can lead to the loss of your driving licence and your job and leave you feeling as though all the odds are stacked against you. Being represented by a solicitor can help you equal the odds.

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Our fixed fee evaluation service is designed to give you individual expert advice about your case and the options available to you, your prospects of success and an estimate of the costs you are likely to incur depending how you decide to conduct your case. We believe in providing advice which is specifically tailored to your case rather than providing you with general advice as every one’s case is different and it is important to find the correct solution for you.

In order to give you that advice you will be asked to upload all the documents you have received from the police or prosecuting authority as well us telling us your version of events. Once you have selected this option you will be asked for payment and once that is complete you will be invited to upload all relevant documents to us before telling us your version of events. We have made it easy for you to scan or photograph the documents you have received and there is space to write down your version of events.


Once you have registered on our website, made payment for your evaluation using our secure website and Paypal secure payment process, you will be redirected to a page to upload all your documents. All you need to do is put your Paypal payment reference number and fill in everything else and we will contact you in due course.

Once we receive your documents we will consider the case against you with 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) and provide you with individual written advice about the law, how you can defend the case and your prospects of success. We will also set out the consequences of winning or loosing your case. We may telephone or email you if we have any questions about what you have told us.

You are also entitled to a 15 minute one to one telephone or Skype conference to further discuss your case with one of our lawyers as part of your fixed fee when you can ask any questions about the information you have given us.

You are not tied to us by accepting this evaluation offer, but if you do decide you want further advice and assistance from us we will be happy to help. We have a range of fixed fee and deferred payment options if you need them.

If we find that you are eligible for criminal legal aid and you supply us with all the information the Legal Aid Agency require we will assist you make an application for legal aid.


We believe that defending a prosecution for a motoring offence should be an option open to everyone, not just the rich and famous, which is why we provide cost effective reliable advice, assistance and representation to motorists and bikers facing prosecution. We also believe that you are entitled to know how to challenge the prosecutor's case and we believe in fighting for our clients.

If you are worried that defending your case might be too expensive call us on 0151 480 4061 or e mail us and we will give you a no obligation interview and explain how you may be able to recover the costs of being represented at the end of your case.

Our service extends from providing advice and assistance in the police station to representation before the Magistrates' and the Crown Courts, so we can help you at every stage of the process. If you receive a fixed penalty notice or a notice of intended prosecution we can help too. Don't wait until your third or fourth penalty notice when you are facing a 'totting up' disqualification - it may be that we could have done something about one of the earlier notices so you wouldn't have been in that position. Just call us or use the e mail reply box on this page and we will call you back.

We defend all motoring offences including:

.    Drink driving
.    Death by driving cases
.    Careless and Dangerous driving offences
.    Speeding
.    Defective vehicle cases

and any other offence linked to the use of a motor vehicle.

We also have a dedicated service for professional drivers who may face action by VOSA or a Local Authority in addition to facing a police prosecution.

Loss of Licence
A conviction for a motoring offence does not always mean that you will lose your licence, even if you are at risk of "totting up". If you think your licence is at risk call us or use the e mail reply box. 

Short notice cases
We know that sometimes the police like to arrange for motoring allegations to be put before the courts at very short notice making it more difficult for you to arrange representation. We can meet that challenge and our telephones are available 24 hours a day simply by calling 0151 480 4061.

All our first interviews are free and without obligation and we will advise you about legal aid and other sources of funding that may be available to you. If your case is not proceeded with or it is dismissed after a trial you will be entitled to recover all or some of your costs from the court. We will give you advice about that during your first interview.


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Parry Welch & Lacey are very experienced legal experts based in Liverpool, there is no substitute for experience.

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