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Liquor & Entertainment Licensing

We offer a comprehensive service to individuals, voluntary organisations, clubs and businesses requiring alcohol or entertainment licenses or gambling licences which are now administered by Local Authorities.

Vat Included: £41.67
Legal Services


Our fixed fee evaluation service is designed to give you individual expert advice about your case and the options available to you, your prospects of success and an estimate of the costs you are likely to incur depending how you decide to conduct your case. We believe in providing advice which is specifically tailored to your case rather than providing you with general advice as every one’s case is different and it is important to find the correct solution for you.

In order to give you that advice you will be asked to upload all the documents you have received from the police or prosecuting authority as well us telling us your version of events. Once you have selected this option you will be asked for payment and once that is complete you will be invited to upload all relevant documents to us before telling us your version of events. We have made it easy for you to scan or photograph the documents you have received and there is space to write down your version of events.


Once you have registered on our website, made payment for your evaluation using our secure website and Paypal secure payment process, you will be redirected to a page to upload all your documents. All you need to do is put your Paypal payment reference number and fill in everything else and we will contact you in due course.

Once we receive your documents we will consider the case against you with 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) and provide you with individual written advice about the law, how you can defend the case and your prospects of success. We will also set out the consequences of winning or loosing your case. We may telephone or email you if we have any questions about what you have told us.

You are also entitled to a 15 minute one to one telephone or Skype conference to further discuss your case with one of our lawyers as part of your fixed fee when you can ask any questions about the information you have given us.

You are not tied to us by accepting this evaluation offer, but if you do decide you want further advice and assistance from us we will be happy to help. We have a range of fixed fee and deferred payment options if you need them.

If we find that you are eligible for criminal legal aid and you supply us with all the information the Legal Aid Agency require we will assist you make an application for legal aid.

Temporary Events
If you are organising an event that involves the sale of alcohol or some form of regulated entertainment, which includes dancing, the performance of a play or live music you may have to obtain a temporary event notice if the premises where the event is to take place does not have a premises licence. We can advise you about whether or not you need to apply for a temporary event notice and assist you with the procedure that you will need to follow. Please contact us for details.

Premises Licences
Our licensing service provides a comprehensive service that is accessible and affordable to small businesses, clubs and voluntary organisations that have premises that require to be licensed under the Licensing Act 2003.

A premises licence is required under that Act where:
  • Alcohol is sold for consumption on or off the premises or supplied to members of a club;
  • Hot food is served after 11:00pm whether within a building or from a vehicle or stall;
  • Regulated entertainment is provided. Regulated entertainment is performances of:
  1. Plays;
  2. Films;
  3. Live music, or;
  4. Dance;
or indoor sporting events, wrestling or boxing which takes place before an audience.

If your premises are already built we can help you with the application process but if your premises are being built we can assist you obtain a provisional grant. We can also assist with transfers and variations of existing licences.

We can provide representation at hearings before the Licensing Committee and the Magistrates’ Courts should your matter progress to an appeal.

If you have encountered difficulties with the enforcement authorities we can help you resist a review where they are seeking to vary or revoke your licence or in defending any offences that may have been brought against you in the magistrates’ court.

Personal Licences
Personal Licences are issued to people over 18 who are of good character and who have successfully undertaken specified training. We provide representation where an application for a personal licence is referred to the Licensing Committee or where the committee holds a hearing in respect of an existing licence.

Other Local Authority Licences
Other business activities may also need to be registered with the Local Authority. These businesses include activities ranging from running dog kennels and catteries to sex shops. We can assist you decide whether you need to apply for a licence and help you with the application process if you do.


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