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Parry Welch & Lacey are amazing solicitors open to anyone needing legal representation. Their help and advice is very honest and accurate and we simply would not use anyone else.

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Criminal Defence

It is estimated that 3500 new offences have been created since the 1997 election so the prospects of coming to the attention of the criminal justice system have never been greater. Whilst the number of new offences has increased, access to legal aid has decreased through the introduction of means testing in the magistrates’ court. Means testing is being extended to the Crown Court nationally during 2010.

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Legal Services


Our fixed fee evaluation service is designed to give you individual expert advice about your case and the options available to you, your prospects of success and an estimate of the costs you are likely to incur depending how you decide to conduct your case. We believe in providing advice which is specifically tailored to your case rather than providing you with general advice as every one’s case is different and it is important to find the correct solution for you.

In order to give you that advice you will be asked to upload all the documents you have received from the police or prosecuting authority as well us telling us your version of events. Once you have selected this option you will be asked for payment and once that is complete you will be invited to upload all relevant documents to us before telling us your version of events. We have made it easy for you to scan or photograph the documents you have received and there is space to write down your version of events.


Once you have registered on our website, made payment for your evaluation using our secure website and Paypal secure payment process, you will be redirected to a page to upload all your documents. All you need to do is put your Paypal payment reference number and fill in everything else and we will contact you in due course.

Once we receive your documents we will consider the case against you with 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) and provide you with individual written advice about the law, how you can defend the case and your prospects of success. We will also set out the consequences of winning or loosing your case. We may telephone or email you if we have any questions about what you have told us.

You are also entitled to a 15 minute one to one telephone or Skype conference to further discuss your case with one of our lawyers as part of your fixed fee when you can ask any questions about the information you have given us.

You are not tied to us by accepting this evaluation offer, but if you do decide you want further advice and assistance from us we will be happy to help. We have a range of fixed fee and deferred payment options if you need them.

If we find that you are eligible for criminal legal aid and you supply us with all the information the Legal Aid Agency require we will assist you make an application for legal aid.

The consequences of being arrested or convicted of a criminal offence are now greater than they ever were before. On arrest, police officers will try to obtain and retain samples of your DNA. Details of your arrest may appear on an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check even if you are not prosecuted or convicted of an offence and under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons scheme your involvement in an investigation may bar you from certain types of employment. A conviction for any offence may increase the cost of or prevent you obtaining insurance and in some cases can prevent you travelling to countries like the USA. Offences involving motor vehicles can often lead to disqualification from driving and the consequential loss of employment.

We believe it is important that our clients receive effective representation throughout the criminal justice process.

Experience tells us that effective defence begins at the investigation stage. It is essential anyone who is to be questioned as a suspect during a criminal investigation receives effective advice and assistance when they are interviewed. We offer advice and assistance to those facing interviews by investigating authorities including advice and assistance at police stations, Department of Work and Pensions and Local Authority interviews. If you are asked to attend for an interview call us immediately on 0151 480 4061. Our lines are open 24 hours a day. Advice and assistance is available to those detained in police stations free of charge.

Magistrates Courts Proceedings
The majority of criminal cases that are brought before the court are dealt with by the Magistrates’ Court. Magistrates Courts are usually restricted to imposing fines of up to £5,000 and up to six months imprisonment, but there are offences where they can impose a fine of up to £50,000 and in some cases they can impose 12 months imprisonment. Magistrates Courts are also able to impose driving bans and to place people of the sexual offenders register.

We can provide effective representation in the Magistrates’ Court in all criminal cases. In addition to general criminal cases such as assault, theft and public order offences, our team has particular expertise in dealing with benefit prosecutions and prosecutions brought by local councils in respect of education, environmental, planning or health and safety offences.

Crown Court Proceedings

The Crown Court deals with the most serious criminal cases and has sentencing powers which are limited only by the maximum penalty Parliament set for any given offence. The Crown Court also has the power to impose confiscation orders under proceeds of crime legislation which is in addition to its powers to impose all of the ancillary orders that were available in the Magistrates’ Court.
We also provide representation in the Crown Court using our own Solicitor Advocate or one of our specially selected team of barristers. We have particular expertise in dealing with death by driving cases, drugs offences, violent offences and proceeds of crime applications. We also deal with customs and fraud offences.


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